THE PLUTO BOARD the Smart Home Gym that goes from 3lbs to 100lbs of Resistance in Seconds

THE PLUTO BOARD the Smart Home Gym that goes from 3lbs to 100lbs of Resistance in Seconds

This week, SQUATZ announced the launch of their new all-in-one at-home smart gym: The Pluto Board - the more compact sister companion to their Apollo Board. The New Pluto Board machine replaces 5 Industrial Cable Gym Machines in one compact, portable, collapsible device. No installation. No assembly. With up to 100 lbs of cable exercise resistance for pro-full-body training, a companion training app, advanced analytics, and the ability to change resistance in seconds, the Pluto Board can fully replace competitor products. The Pluto's lean price tag of 1,199, which includes an all-access pass to Squatz's digital training platform, makes the device more affordable than leading competitors.

"We built The Squatz Board Series and the Squatz Product line to allow people the ability to get the same experience they get in the gym, at home," states co-founder and COO Jeremiah Brach. "What makes us unique - In addition to our advanced technology, training analytics program, and design - is that the Pluto Board offers users the ability to get a cable gym experience without the cost. As a result, you no longer have to sacrifice significant floor space or wall space on a cumbersome unit in a fixed position," says co-founder and CEO David Crowley.

SQUATZ is offering the board at an introductory rate of $1,199 for a limited time. The SQUATZ board series comes at a competitive price with flexible payment options. Users use the Apollo and Pluto Board's companion app to enhance training, browse Squatz's extensive library of interactive, pre-designed workout routines, and share their progress with friends and trainers. In addition, users can perform an at-home strength test assessment on the Apollo to measure and track their current physical strength. Customers can also work with virtual trainers to build their ideal fitness program or design one independently.

SQUATZ has also released an online video workout series to help users interact with their boards in a more hands-on manner.

All Squatz products are designed with a focus on performance and quality and come with digital programs and exclusive content for members. Squatz offers everything from premium steel water bottles with digital juice and protein shake recipes sent to customers' phones monthly to adjustable dumbbells and band sets with dynamic in-app training programs.

"Other competitors offer devices that are too cumbersome, require installation, occupy a great deal of space, offer limited training modes/ features, or focus only on one type of training - not to mention their higher price tag. We beat them by offerings, size, price, technology, and service," reports Crowley.

Squatz offers flexible payment plans and free access to the Apollo and Pluto Board's digital platform and training services. In addition, new features, courses, and workouts are released monthly.

Currently, the Pluto Board is available for retail at and Amazon - but it will be made more widely known by other major US retailers later this month.

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