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Let us inspire you on how SQUATZ fitness can help ease work pressures and lead to better wellbeing.

What is Squatz Corporate Wellness

SQUATZ corporate wellness programs are designed to foster and promote a holistic approach to employee wellbeing by creating an organizational culture of health.

We provide EACH member of your crew and team with direct access to mental health experts, guided meditations, fitness and nutrition coaches, massage therapists, and wellness support – available for access on and off of the clock.

Offering a wellness solution that reaches beyond traditional workplace culture cultivates healthy habits among employees and improves health outcomes, productivity, and overall satisfaction within the workplace. At Squatz we focus on optimizing human resource investments and boosting employee engagement.

Invest in your employees

Employees are more stressed and busier than ever before. The SQUATZ corporate wellness program provides a positive outlet that helps employees manage stress, improve health, and increase productivity. Other outcomes have shown significantly decreased sick days and increased creativity from employees and crew members.

The fact is that many chronic diseases are preventable. Implementing a holistic approach to corporate wellness programs is an influential way to educate employees on the importance of forming healthy habits and the advantages of committing to wellness goals.

SQUATZ extends our wellness program approach from one size fits all, to a corporate wellness program that is tailored to the individual – each crew member has their individual needs met. We make coming to work fun, enjoyable, productive, and help you cultivate a culture of positive productivity and well-being.

How Does it Work?

An overview of the steps involved.

Step 1:

Design Your Experience

Choose any number of our offerings to provide to your employees.
We offer on-site and virtual experts specializing in mental health, yoga, weight training, meditation, massage therapy, nutrition and diet plan, and more.
Want us to hire a specific trainer or don't see a specialty that fits your interest? No problem, we can provide any custom solution or experience that you request.

Step 2:

Set your Budget

Specify your needs and SQUATZ will build a custom plan and solution tailored just for you.

Step 3:

Book and Enjoy

Our providers can travel to your location (yes - both in-studio and on-location for film crews) or work with you virtually. You decide.

Who are our Squatz Corporate Coaches?

We provide you with a dedicated on-call team specifically for your employees.

Our Squatz Corporate Coaches are certified experts specializing in areas such as fitness, training, nutrition, mental health, massage therapy, and more. Our trainers hold certifications from such venerated institutions as NASM, ACE, AMTA, and the likes.

Only the best for the best.

What wellness programs do for workers

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Step 1:

Design Your Experience


Monday - SaturdayService 14:00 pm

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Saturday - SundayService 16:00 pm

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Let us inspire you on how SQUATZ fitness can help ease work pressures and lead to better wellbeing.

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