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Company Overview

Brief History:

In 2020, Squatz launched the world’s first virtual and in-person training platform that allows people to work out live with their friends and expert trainers on-demand from the comfort of their own home.

Summary of Primary Offering:

By connecting consumers to a community of fitness enthusiasts and experts alike, Squatz is reimagining fitness training by making on-demand, co-created sessions available anytime, anywhere. The Squatz Service and SQUATZ PRO offering includes:

  • For Everyone: A platform that connects clients and coaches in real-time – enabling them to train anywhere; either in-person or virtually.
  • For Coaches: Squatz allows fitness trainers to leverage their free time and easily market their services to anyone seeking new skills, motivation, and help to achieve their fitness goals.
  • For Clients: Squatz connects clients to our worldwide network of expert and freelance trainers to discover new and interesting virtual fitness sessions. Friends, fitness enthusiasts, and trainers can connect, plan, and host fitness sessions just about anywhere.


Purpose: We want individuals to be empowered to pursue fitness on their own terms: helping people become the fittest version of themselves. To do so, Squatz will be the first platform to democratize access to global fitness.

Vision: Connect the world’s best fitness experts to anyone looking for fitness on their own terms.  

Mission Statement: Provide access to the best and most diverse fitness experts worldwide, ensuring clients can find the right coach, program, and content for their lifestyle while making these interactions seamless and valuable to all parties.

Culture: At Squatz, we are a group that is:

  • Passionate about health and fitness, 
  • Motivational and personal, 
  • Diverse, creative, curious, and 
  • Always seeking to improve ourselves.


  • Entrepreneurial
  • Bold
  • Fair
  • Future-focused
  • Empowering


  • Provide access to the best and most diverse fitness experts worldwide
  • Ensure clients can find the right coaches, programs, and content for their fitness lifestyle 
  • Make all interactions seamless and valuable to all parties

Our founding team has a unique blend of experience in start-ups and global FTSE 100 organizations, with skills in digital platform innovation, performance marketing, digital transformation, and consumer data and technology strategy and implementation.

Key Processes

Squatz is built to scale exponentially. Because Squatz is a multi-sided platform, it seamlessly allows users to connect and co-create customized fitness experiences – anywhere in the world. The platform is user-friendly and easy to use. With simple user discovery, data-led smart-matching and scheduling, communication features, virtual training capabilities (including group video integration), and payment processing capabilities built-in – Squatz ensures easy self-service management and transactions.


About Squatz

Squatz is an on-demand fitness platform that connects trainers and trainees in real-time. Select your workout preferences (workout type, in-person, virtual, etc.), pair-up, schedule sessions, and send and receive payments -all in one app.

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