We are here to help you get started. Allow us to guide you through with these simple steps below.

1.  View the Coach's Availability

To book an appointment with a Squatz trainer, begin by viewing that trainer’s available coaching times.

2. Select Day

Select the date of your desired training day.

3. Select Time

Choose the time of day that works best for you.

4. Select Time Limit

Using the toggle feature at the bottom of your screen, set your desired session length. Trainer rates are by the hour.

5. Review Your Session

Before booking your session, review and confirm the details of your appointment: session type (in-person or virtual), date, time, duration of your session, and rate.

6. Add Discount Code

Have a discount or promotional code? Great! You can enter your SQUATZ discount code on the review session screen. Select ADD DISCOUNT, enter your promotional code, and review your discounted session rate!

7. Book Now - Choose Your Payment Method

Once you have reviewed the details of you Squatz session, you can confirm your appointment by selecting BOOK NOW. Choose your preferred payment method and confirm your appointment request! You can add and update your payment information on your account’s profile page.

8. View Your Upcoming Session

All of your upcomming session requests are accessbile in the MY SESSIONS section of your account. You are able to review all information associated with your appintments including the status of your requests (pending, confirmed, declined).

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What You Can Do

Wondering what you can do to regain motivation so you can continue to stay healthy while staying safe despite being on lockdown? Well, that’s where we are here to help. The Squatz app has fully embraced the new normal and offers you a seamless way to stay fit and stay healthy -all while staying safe. Our on-demand platform connects professional trainers and trainees in real-time, in-person, or virtually. We believe these connections are the key to finding inspiration and staying motivated. Now, you can exercise your way, anytime, anywhere, with no restrictions by using our Squatz.

How Squatz Can Help

There are several ways you can use the Squatz app. You can train at home virtually with our built-in virtual video training, or connect with a local trainer for private, one-to-one sessions – for you or a small group of friends. Booking a scheduled session with a trainer has never been more seamless than using the Squatz app as you can choose a schedule that is convenient for you. You can also search for and join small groups to train with, anywhere, and on-demand (while it’s warm outside, we recommend somewhere outside, like a park, to maintain safe distancing). For professional coaches, our app will help you stay connected with your clients while providing you a way to discover new ones.

Ready to get started? Stay healthy and stay motivated while staying safe on your terms by using the Squatz app today. Visit us at www.squatz.com and start training – on your terms.

Squatz Trainers

Sqautz is connecting the world’s best fitness experts to anyone looking for fitness on their own terms.